Changes In Pennsylvania In The 1600s

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As given per the scenario, being a young woman out to venture on my own, one of my key concerns would be safety. What colony will provide for me in security, economically, socially, and and maybe even religiously. Another large factor that comes into question is time. While reading about the early colonizations things changed vastly from one year to the next. These changes were based on wars, climate, political powers/influences, and relationships with nearby natives. The colony most fitting to my given situation between Virginian, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, would be Pennsylvania in the late 1680s. Pennsylvania was becoming well established due to it’s powerful economic growth, cultural diversity and religion, and change in slavery. …show more content…

These colonies came across numerous hardships with war, famine, and political turmoil, in the 1600’s. These colonies worked for commercial purposes and neglected the need for relationship building with natives, safety, and resource gathering, so much so that they lost many early settlers. Working as an indentured servant was brutal in these colonies. Growing, storing, and packaging tobacco was very labor intensive work. Though indentured servants maintained contracts providing them with food, housing, and clothing, often times terms of service were lengthened. Being a woman in these areas was also scary due to its mostly bachelor

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