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History extra credit
The disappearance of the Lost Roanoke colony.
Roanoke is an island in North America that is located just off the coast of what is now North Carolina. During the early 15,000’s a wealthy English man, Sir Walter Raleigh requested that the Queen granted him permission to gather a crew and head on an expedition to discover new lands in Northern America. After a treacherous journey through From England to the new Americas, Sir Walter Raleigh and his crew had finally reached their destination.
According to Records, on by the time the boat had landed in Roanoke (North Carolina) there were only 90 men, 17 women and only 19 Children. Most of them had passed away due to either sickness or other natural causes on their voyage …show more content…

This is defiantly one of the spookiest and weirdest events in history as the town true fate is still unknown.
Many horror movies and spookie stories have been created all of the basic premises of the Roanoke disappearance. Some do believe that ehy left to find the croatoan tribe but some also believe that due to their cruel and hateful actions towards the Local Indians they revolted and slaughter the town only to bury them deep in the woods to never be found, logically that is the best explanation to me as to what could have happened to the “lost tribe of Roanoke”.
After the realization that the whole town had left Mr. White and his men searched the city and the surrounding area for a trace but none was found. After a few days of searching white and his few shipmates decided that it was time to return to England and report what had happened in Roanoke.
100 years after the Roanoke events Jamestown was established and was described to be one of the first successful colonies, and given the events at Roanoke I suppose it was. This town has always fascinated me and I hope one day we will know for certain what happened to these 100 men and women who were left behind in the town of

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