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  • Racism In Health Care

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    decided to write this current event about issues towards health care programs. While I was searching for a good article I came across a really interesting one that approaches England’s health care system and how it could be racist. The article starts by explaining the unpleasant experience of Eche Egbouno, a black male who suffers of bipolar disorder. Eche was sectioned by the mental health act, but instead of taking him to a hospital they took him to the police station. He says that being there

  • Disability In Health Care

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    WHO estimates 110 to 190 million adults have difficulty in normal functioning. Rates of disability are increasing due to population ageing and increases in chronic health conditions, among other causes. People with disabilities have less access to health care services and therefore experience unmet health care needs.1 According to census 2011, the total people with disabilities increased by just over 22 per cent over a decade, from almost 22 million in the Census 2001 to 26.8 million

  • Responsiveness In Health Care

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    took very special care of me. I am happy for this” (P-1411). But many also reported misbehavior and suffering because of negligence in rendering care by nurses, ayaa (sweeper), security guards and doctors. “I am very sad and doctors, nurses and ayaa all are very rude. Even the ayaa tells to do my own cleaning if I say

  • Personal Reflection On Health And Health Care

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    go into her kitchen, describing the fall as an awful occurrence which resulted in a right hip fracture and her lengthy stay in the hospital. During this conversation, I was able to understand that this injury took a significant toll on the client’s health and wellbeing as she felt like she had gotten so much older since she was admitted. Her life had changed in a single moment resulting in limitation and changes to her gait and range of motion in the lower extremities. Elaborate - The conversation

  • Cultural Diversity In Health Care

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    mistrust and poor optimal care. Individuals values and beliefs towards healthcare are formed by various features. In the health care system, some patients encounter bias and discrimination by their health care providers. So, education, race, language, and socioeconomic status could influence their attitudes. As healthcare providers, we are expected to understand and incorporate these features when delivering care at the healthcare system. Thereby providing the best quality of care that is respectful to

  • Intercultural Approach In Health Care

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    and their values as well as their perceptions about the health and social

  • Health Care In The Philippines

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    we’re are delving into the world of health care. Health care is defined as the prevention, and management of disease through diagnosis, and treatment, along with the preservation of physical, and mental well-being in humans. No matter where you live in the world, health care is crucial to our society as people attain sickness, and medical emergencies arise. In order, for longevity, it is imperative that we maintain health within ourselves, that is where health care plays an essential role. There are

  • Spirituality In Health Care

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    freedom to people for the practice of rituals based on many faith and culture. Meeting the needs of such a unique population, in a true holistic sense, especially at the time of sickness is always challenging to health care workers. 1.1 Health and spiritual care Ancient health care systems in India proclaim the significance of acknowledging the presence of God or Energy in all living things. Ayurveda and homeopathic systems of medicine has identified the significance of holistic perspective

  • Data Collection In Health Care

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    instances of personal data on care recipients collected by healthcare sector shall be limited to appropriate and optimal level to ensure privacy of the care recipients. “Saying that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”-Jean-Michel Jarre. Every single person has the right to privacy and when it comes to such a sensitive topic as health related data it must be analyzed

  • Patient Empowerment In Health Care

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    Patient empowerment in the global pictures is seen as a part of the human side of care. It is time consuming and sits uncomfortably with strong pressures towards greater efficiency. The outcome is satisfying, with mutual trust and confidence are established. Being a Malaysian I am proud to say that Malaysia Ministry of Health, had strongly support patient empowerment and community to be responsible for their health. It is believed that, regulations and enforcement activities are the tools to facilitate

  • Health Care Disparity In Health

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    Health care disparity according to U.S National Library of Medicine (2017) “typically refers to differences between groups in health insurance coverage, access to and use of care, and quality of care”. The purpose of this research was to identify the different factors that prevent San Bernardino County residents from accessing quality healthcare and identify specific groups affected. Our research has concluded , social economics status, gender, race and ethnicity to be major factors in San Bernardino

  • Importance Of Communication In Health Care

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    an essential part for delivering quality and effective care to the patients in a healthcare facility. Effective communication not being used between colleagues in a healthcare workplace can potentially cause patients to not receive the medical attention they deserve being in the care of health professionals. Staff members are also affected by the use of not giving accurate communication, this can cause them to not give the patient the care they wish to provide. The use of effective communication

  • Health Issues In Health Care

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    Heath care is a very important aspect to view in all countries in order to increase the development in a healthy population. According to the Business Dictionary, Health care is defined by taking preventative actions and or necessary medical procedures to improve the health of a person’s well-being. It can be done through treatment, surgery, diagnosis and prevention of disease, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in an individual. Healthcare service is done through hospital

  • Drug Utilization In Health Care

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    For economic or health reasons, this loss can also compromise significantly the condition of life for seniors. The need for specific care coupled with new family arrangements and conditions where there are limitations to provide the necessary care has contributed to the increasing institutionalization of the elderly citizens in nursing care homes, geriatric clinics, retirement homes, and LTCF . Thus, it is possible to introduce

  • Principles Of Ethics In Health Care

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    Principles of ethics are one of the foundations in being able to analyze ethics related issues that one encounters with health care. Ethics is very important when your involved in health care because a foundation in ethical theory and ethical decision-making can help in assessing choices that must be made in vexing circumstances (Furlong, B., & Morrison, E. E., 2014, p.3). Meaning, ethics is valuable when working with healthcare providers, patients, their families. (Furlong, B., & Morrison, E. E

  • The Principle Of Autonomy In Health Care

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    The principle of autonomy is based on the Principle of Respect for Persons, which holds that individual persons have right to make their own choices and develop their own life plan. In a health care setting, the principle of autonomy translates into the principle of informed consent. 
You shall not treat a patient without the informed consent of the patient or his or her lawful surrogate, except in narrowly defined exceptions (3). In order to affirm autonomy, every effort must be made to discuss

  • Conflict In Health Care Institutions

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    Conflicts in Health Care Institutions Introduction Conflicts are common disagreements that occur in every place of work, healthcare institutions not an exception. Conflicts can happen between two or more people, two or more groups or between a person and a group (Sullivan, 2017).In healthcare institutions conflicts may occur between health care staff, between support staff, between health care and support staff and between health care staff and the patient or the patient’s family. These conflicts

  • Professional Responsibility In Health Care

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    conflicts of interest, and put the interests of clients ahead of their own interests. The role of an adult coordinator is supervising interdisciplinary care by bringing together the different specialists whose help the patient may need, the coordinator is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the care delivered. Implementing safeguarding, the Care Act 2014 sets out a guide for how local authorities and other parts of the system should protect adults at risk of abuse or neglect. It is a policy

  • Nursing Role In Health Care

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    intra partum care, the nurse is responsible for advanced planning of personnel equipment and resources to promote a safe birth .the nurse collaborates with all members of the multi disciplinary team to ensure that the wishes of the women and family. Nurse provides advanced consultations and the woman's physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. Nurse works as a direct care provider, the nurse possess keen knowledge base, meticulous assessment and priorities intervention skills to care for this

  • Moral Courage In Health Care

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    examines the ethical development of different healthcare ethics, suggest qualities that tends to determine enhanced professionalism and structures the explanation by employing strategic case presentations. Concept of Moral Courage and Altruism in Health Care Different