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The lost colony of Roanoke was one of the first English colonies set up in the New World. Even today the colony of Roanoke is a mystery. When governor, John White, returned from a three year absence everybody who lived in the colony had vanished. Since those people were never found, it still remains a mystery. Many theories have been discussed, and many people think they have the answer to what happened to the English colonists. In 1584 a group of English colonists attempted to set up a colony in the New World. This colony would be set up on Roanoke island, which is present day North Carolina. ¨The lost colony was England’s second colony in America. The first had been established on Roanoke Island by a group of 108 men sent to the island in 1585 by the English soldier and explorer Sir Walter Raleigh (World Book, Vol. 12).” In the beginning the settlers got along with the indians. After a while the indians became tired of their …show more content…

This search showed that no English settlers ever came to the island. One other theory is that the Croatoan indian tribe took over the English settlers. Many people believe that the English and the Croatons became involved with each other. “The Croatans themselves were believed to have become extinct by the early 17th century. Their direct descendants, the Lumbee, who still exist today, began appearing some 50 years after the disappearance of the Roanoke settlers. One of the prominent characteristics of the Lumbee people, as pointed out by observers, is their European features (The Mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke Island Vanished, Leaving Behind a Strange message).” Recently DNA test have been going on to try to figure out if the Engish involved themselves with the Croatans. Another theory that was discussed is the severe drought between 1587 and 1589 that may have ran them off. These are not the only theories out there. There are many other

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