How Did John White Influence The Colonists Of Roanoke

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The colonists of Roanoke went to Croatoan. When John White came back to Roanoke after three years of waiting in England, he found the island deserted. He found carved on a tree Croatoan. The colonists had told White if they moved they would carve it on a tree. He knew that the people of Roanoke went there. He was on his way to Croatoan. There was a huge gail, so he decided to go back to England instead. Croatoan is sandy and dry, so it was not good for crops. The colonists stayed there for the winter and then made their way to Virginia. In Jamestown, another English settlement George Percy had said that he had spotted a boy with pale skin and blond hair. They also found messages carved in trees for John White. The settlers must have written

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