John White's Job Posting

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I created the Job Posting as a way to represent the needs for different trades when settling Virginia. Most likely people would have heard about the opportunity to move by word of mouth, but I felt that a Job Posting would affectively show the need for different types of trades in America. I used images of John White’s water color paintings of Virginia and the Native American Tribe Secotan (Nadie’s homeland) to help make a connection to the story. In A World Away people of different occupations were needed to travel to the New World to help establish a colony. Tom was allowed to follow Nadie back to her land because he was a blacksmith and he was needed. Tom’s love for Nadie gave him the strength to leave everything he knew for a New World. However, other people needed to be convinced in other ways. …show more content…

This is the colony that Nadie and Tom were a part of and traveled with John White and his family to the New World. In all reality, John White convinced settlers to travel to Virginia with money and freedom. John White’s tactic in finding colonists included providing each person or family with 500 acres of land and opportunities voice opinions to the government (Neville). In researching the John White Colony there does not appear to be information about the different tradesmen taken to Virginia, but mostly likely for survival skilled men were required to function as a colony. However, the John White Colony is what later became known as “The Lost Colony” when all settlers disappeared while John White had left to retrieve more supplies (Daniels, 2006). John White returned to Virginia in 1590 after an extended stay in England to find all his colonists missing and the word “CROATOAN” inscribed on a tree, but they were never found (Daniels,

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