Roanoke Trial

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When there is a group of penguins waddling on shore who want to dive into water, one penguin will risk its life and dive into the water first as a trail to see if it comes back out of the water alive or if it got eaten by a seal. The other penguins will then wait patiently for the risk taker to signal them that there is no harm in the water. If the risk taker does not come out of the water, the rest of the group will either take a leap of faith or will no longer jump in fearing the worst. Just like the penguins, Roanoke was the first settlement England had; this was their test trial. Queen Elizabeth was the only ruler of England therefore her commands were the only ones followed. The first time Roanoke failed was due to a massive hurricane. …show more content…

Therefore, Queen Elizabeth gave Sir Walter Raleigh the task to get a large group of civilians to agree on going to Roanoke as their second trial. After Sir Walter Raleigh went around asking people to go and many denying the request, he then bumped into John White while he was painting the outside of the Queen 's castle, at that moment Sir Walter took the opportunity to ask John White to become a part of the second colonization. When Sir Walter Raleigh proposed the idea to white he agreed to go along with his family to Roanoke. Colonists eventually agreed to go to the new colony to rebuild once again, during this time all men had to go back to England because there was a war going on. At this time all women and children stayed behind in Roanoke. When the men sailed back to Roanoke from the war they realized everything was once again gone, their families along with their belongings were no longer there. After the second failure Roanoke was nicknamed the lost colony, even though it was a settlement and not a colony. The second failure is unknown and has been a mystery that is yet to be discovered. There are conspiracy theories that are told about what caused Roanoke to fail. I would want to go back to Roanoke to see what really happened to the settlers and to see if any of the theories that have been told are real or made

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