Misrepresentation Of Situation And Reality In Roanoke

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The document that show the misrepresentation of the situation and reality in Roanoke are “Arthur Barlowe’s report on his exploratory voyage, 1584”. The document portrait Roanoke as this wonderful and perfect place by mentioning the many available resources are there from different kinds of fruits like grapes to many animals like fish and deer. He also talked about how wonderful and welcoming the natives were to them. Barlowe’s report on Roanoke is overwhelmed with positives to the point of there has to be something wrong about this place. The report seems to misrepresent the situation in Roanoke because Barlowe’s and the others with him want to show that their findings and their stay was beneficial and wasn’t a waste of money and resources …show more content…

The document shows the struggles that the colonists are facing because of the lack of skills, supplies, and also the many conflicts with Native Americans. The document captures the proper understanding of what happened in Roanoke because since the first one didn’t go as planned, the report about the second try shows the reality of the situation that is happening in Roanoke. In the document, the colonists are struggling to survive because of their lack of survival skills and supplies that are necessary to live in Roanoke. The colonists are struggling to make their own supplies and plant crops because they just basically don’t know how to. The colonists don’t know what to do in the land they are in. The document also shows that the natives are done with the colonists using them for food and resources for nothing in return or the colonists can’t be on their own already, which created an ongoing conflict between them that can’t be solved easily. The document represented the colonists’ survival struggles and the conflicts between Native American to the English to fully understand the events and the situation in

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