Lost Colony Of Roanoke Summary

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Lost Colony of Roanoke
August 1590, John White a famous artist, discovered that the 300 some of Colonists left on Roanoke island incidentally disappeared. Years before the incident explorers from England traveled to find new land to expand their country. While shipped on the coast of the island a native bravely approached them in a canoe. The natives welcomed the explorers with open arms.
There was peace between these people. The explorers wrote back to England stating that the natives were, "The people most lovely." After getting to know one another the English men took two natives back with them to England. Delighted with the news, queen Elizabeth wanted to expand even more. In order to claim more land she sent pirates to plunder Spanish ships.
Not long after the first visit to Roanoke island a man named Grenville went to visit. While learning more of the natives, one had incidentally taken a silver cup. Grenville took this as a protest of war. He lead his men to an Indian village where they burned it to the ground. Afterwards Grenville left the settlers on the island in a barricade under the supervision of Lane. Lane, as well as the settlers were in …show more content…

Soon the chief had to think of his own people. If they kept giving their own supplies to the settlers, they themselves would soon starve. So the Natives took their belongings and moved locations until spring. In the spring the Indians returned hoping there were no hard feelings, but Lane thought differently. While budding up to the natives, Lane signaled his men to attack. The chief was shot twice and managed to run away, but one of Lane's men caught him then beheaded him. Lane left with his people. Grenville returned not finding anyone but one skeleton. He left 15 men on the island and took his leave, not knowing what events had taken place. The colonists left not realizing the anger of the

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