Roanoke Jamestown Script

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Roanoke and Jamestown
Zach - John White, King James I, and John Rolfe
Stevee - Hand-out maker
Brendan - Colonist and Indians
Isabelle - Narrator
Dillan - John Smith and Prop Handler
Isabelle: Hello and welcome to our re enactment of Roanoke and Jamestown! This is the story of John White and John Smith and the settlements of North America. Isabelle: And, without further ado… the re enactment of Roanoke and Jamestown! (clap) Zach: I am John White, I am the leader of the colony that is going to settle in Roanoke. I have hopes that we will be able to find a colony in North America filled with riches of gold and silver. (while talking spread arms and act formal).
Isabelle: John White and his men barely survived on Roanoke Island. The soil was to grainy and sandy so crops
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It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to survive here!
Zach: What do you mean? (Play The Song)
Brendan: The soil is way to sandy and grainy to grow any crops AT ALL! We must leave.
Zach: Fine. You will stay here and look after the crew. I will go back to England and gather supplies.
Isabelle: When White came back from England with supplies, to his surprise, all of his crew had disappeared! Zach: Where has my crew gone? Maybe they went to settle with nearby Indians Isabelle: And ever since, John White and the settlement of Roanoke still remains a mystery today.
Isabelle: Next we visit the Jamestown Colony and visit John Smith. In 1606 some English merchants started the Virginia Company of London. Brendan: Hi, inside of the Virginia Company of London we sell many things from spices to silk!
Isabelle: Their goal was to build a settlement in North America. The king of England…
Zach: (king grunts) I think you mean King James I, Hmph.
Isabelle: (glances sideways) Ok… as I was saying, the king of England gave Virginia Company a charter to start their new settlement.
Zach: Hmph. Here’s a charter to start your new settlement.
Brendan: Thank you sir!
Zach: That’s king not sir to
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