Disappearances: The Lost Colony

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A small percent of people who disappear may have done so for their own reasons, like starting over and having a new life. Another small percent may have been murdered or died in an accident, and no one was around to witness or report their death. There 's also an amount who just disappeared with no logical evidence to be brought up. But why disappearances you may ask. Actually no one asks that but, it 's because disappearances are so mysterious. They can happen to anyone at anytime, whether you 're a block away from your house or just going to a gas station to get something for your grandparents. If you have the correct amount of skill and experience, you can pull off an expert disappearance, on yourself or an enemy. After searching the internet and multiple blogs, I have found plenty of disappearances that may peak your interests.

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The colony 's leader, John White, sailed back to England in the late 1587 since the colony was desperate for supplies and needed help defending against the Native Americans. John 's trip was delayed for three years. Once he returned to Roanoke island in 1590, all men, women, and children had disappeared from the island. White and his search party found the word "CROATOAN" carved into a fence post. White assumed this meant the settlers had moved to a nearby island of that name but the stormy weather prevented White and the others from checking the island. Theories have involved things like mysterious stone carvings, which were proved as a hoax, and alien abductions. Historians also point out that the settlement was doomed from the

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