Compare And Contrast Powhatan And Jamestown Settlers

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Upon their arrival to the North American continent, the Jamestown settlers had to deal with the numerous problems of a newly settled and distant colony, and Powhatan influences, as well as the discovery of the events that would improve their developing society. Although England learned of America’s existence years before their Jamestown settlement was established, there did not exist any accurate map of the Virginian geography until after the settlement had already been established. As a consequence of this, many settlements started on the American coastline and developed from there, yet these settlements would still struggle to exist while the colonists became familiar with their new found surroundings. Being unfamiliar with the environment, the first settlers had a difficult time navigating, expanding the settlement, and farming sufficient crops. …show more content…

Although new to the New Englanders, the American continent had already become the home of several different tribes of Native Americans, each with their own customs and beliefs. With these many different cultures, it became apparent to the new settlers that there would be tribes that could be negotiated with, and others that the new colony should mostly avoid. The Powhatan were one of these tribes as they attacked the colonists on multiple occasions in their first few years of their

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