Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth Plantation

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On May 14, 1607, Jamestown was established and would become the first ever permanent English establishment in North America and thirteen years since then they would later establish Plymouth plantation. Between both Plymouth plantation and Jamestown which one of the where better? They had their similarities with each other and they also had their differences with each other. People may ask which was superior Jamestown or Plymouth plantation you would get different responses, but these reasons will show audience which one is the superior of the two. How were the both of them similar and how were they different? Both places were founded by people who lived in England. In the inception, they both were filled with famine and death, nevertheless, they both had help from the Native Americans who would supply them with food. They had different reasons for…show more content…
If I was compelled to choose between the two places I would choose to live in Plymouth plantation due to the fact it’s a better place to live in with people who can help support each other other than people who think that it's everyone for themselves. The colony known as Jamestown was doomed to fail due to the mindset of everyone in there,as a result of each one of them thinking that it is not their problem that it is someone else's problem so they would not do the work and then the work would not get done with a colony working like this it would not survive for long. Between Plymouth and Jamestown neither were impeccable they both contained their own imperfection, but each of them were individually exceptional Jamestown may have failed to withstand the obstacles they faced, also due to the fact that they failed, they gained experience and would be able to use that experience to help prepare there the other colonies to thrive by identifying their mistakes and fixing
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