Everyday Life In Early America Summary

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Name Professor Course Date Book Review: Everyday Life in Early America The book ‘Everyday Life in Early America’ by David Hawke provides a comprehensive account of the history of early settlers in America. It maintains that the geographic concept including the physical environment is a chief factor that influences the behavior of individuals. The author assumes that early settlers came to America in the hope of taking forward their customs and traditions while starting afresh in a foreign land. However, the physical environment brought about certain changes to their traditions and customs. The people slowly began to understand that the only way to survive would be to modify their patterns of living (Hawk, 1989). In those days, criminals were sent to America from Great Britain. They were given the option to either immigrate to America or face the death penalty. The 17th America was a farmland. People were poor and some migrated to this country in the hope of quick wealth. Individuals from England and Europe began to migrate to America. The book gives a detailed account of the first houses, or rather huts which have been built in America. The book also gives an account of the Pennsylvania Dutch. They were the settlers who came to America from Germany. Their immigration to America began in the late seventeenth century. The book reveals …show more content…

The book is an apt textbook as it details the important concepts of colonial history in America. Hawke (1989) also takes a balanced approach in order to give the diverse viewpoints of notable scholars while discussing the history of early America. Moreover the topics clearly examine and explain every single section and notion including scholarly opinions. Overall the book has been excellently written and has highly researched text which provides knowledge to the readers about the early history of

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