How Did Thomas Walker's Influence In American Culture

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Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker was raised in the Tidewater region of Virginia. Thomas’ first profession was as a physician, he attended the College of William and Mary and studied under his uncle Dr. George Gilmer though he never received a medical degree. Thomas Walker later fought in the French and Indian war. Once he returned home he went to work for the Loyal Land Company exploring areas of eastern Virginia. He later went on another exploration of areas of eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. We are going to discuss who Thomas Walker was, the region he settled, his culture, and what this region looks like today. Walker’s influence in these areas can still be felt today.
Settler Description
Thomas Walker was born January 25, 1715, …show more content…

Walkers party were the first white men many of these indians had seen. He developed relationships with the tribes and was influential in deal indian affairs. He was chosen to represent virginia in the treaty of fort Stanwix and the treaty of Lochaber. He also helped negotiate peace after the battle of Point Pleasant. Thomas’ understanding of the indian cultures helped bring peace to the mountains.
Region Today

The Cumberland Gap is now a popular place for people to go for vacation. The Cumberland Gap is almost where the three states meet and the three states were Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. The Cumberland Gap is now a state park. The Cumberland Gap use to be used to get through the appalachian mountains, but now it is used for hiking, climbing, biking, and camping. The other place near the Cumberland gap is Knoxville.

Conclusion In this report we talked about Thomas Walker, and his journey through the cumberland gap. In this report we talked about Settler Description, Geographic Region, Culture, and the Region Today. I hope that you liked my report. This was a lot of fun to learn about Thomas Walker and all the things that he

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