Confederate States of America Essays

  • Compare And Contrast Confederate History And The People

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    Confederate History verses The People A big issue in today’s United States is removing Confederate history from the public due to the rise of killings involving race groups. Some will argue that doing away with Confederate history will some solve all problems; others argue that erasing Confederate history will not solve anything. The Solution to whether or not to erase Confederate history is to see if American’s history is better off with it or not. People that defend keeping the Confederate history

  • The Importance Of Confederating Symbols In Schools

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    In the United States of America, the right to freedom of expression is one of the most important rights that the citizens uphold. However, sensible citizens realize that in certain scenarios, the right to the freedom of expression must be violated in the name of the well being of the people. Unfortunately, what could harm the wellbeing of the people is a point of dissent for many members of the nation. Both sides of the argument are clearly shown today in the midst of issues like a rise in people

  • Confederate Flag Controversy

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    The controversy issues over the confederate flag has arose quickly in the last couple of years. In this picture there is an African American clinching the Confederate Flag. Over many years the question still remains the same. Does the so called, “Confederate Flag” stand for southern pride? Or, does it stand for segregation and racism as this picture seems portrays? Polls have been taken over a period of time only to receive similar percentages of answers. The percentage stays the very same over

  • Abraham Lincoln's Argument Against Reconstruction

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    recently there has been a controversy regarding the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag is said to represent slavery because the Confederates, during the Civil War, used this flag as their battle flag; the Confederates fought to keep slavery. Therefore the Confederate flag DOES in fact represent slavery. The recent shooter of 9 African-American people in a South Carolina Baptist Church, Dylan Roof, sparked this debate of whether the Confederate flag should be removed. Many history professors agree

  • Abraham Lincoln's Influence On Government

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    The United States of America is composed of redefining events that shape government and politics today. Historical events consciously created a path to the nation we live in, thus establishing equal rights to liberty. However, these rights were not initially believed to be universal, therefore, the president had to lead the country to equality among its citizens. The five most important forces or events that led to the development of the United States before 1865 began with the election of President

  • The Confederate Flag

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    history, in time of war, the flag has always been one of the most important pieces of battlefield equipment. During the Civil War, the Confederate battle flag was extremely important in political and personal view standards. The Confederacy saw the use of three different national Civil War flags during its brief time as the official government of the South. The Confederate flag, represents a sacred emblem of this country's evolution through history. It symbolizes the birthright of a nation, the heritage

  • Advantage And Disadvantages Of The Civil War

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    northern states and southern states because of the slaves. The northern part is the Unite State of America, which is led by the Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President. Moreover, the southern part is the Confederate States of America, which are led by Jefferson Davis. The Confederate States of America is combined by seven states. They are Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. This war is because of the states' right and the slavery. On April 9th , 1865, the last states of the

  • A Bad President: Abraham Lincoln: A Bad President

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    Proclamation did not include border States such as Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and others.Although beloved by many, Lincoln caused the war between the states, a conflict which more than 600,000 Americans were killed, made many unconstitutional decisions, and behaved as a dictator, rather than a president. On January 21st, 1861, Jefferson Davis gave his farewell address to the United States Senate following South Carolina’s and Mississippi’s secession from the United States. Throughout his speech, Davis

  • How Did Abraham Lincoln Get Into Politics

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    the Whigs and Democrats. The Democrats usually ruled the Congress, presidency, and many state offices. The Whig party, on the other hand, had championed banks, businesses, and corporations. They believed in a strong federal government and limited state rights. The Whig party was not antislavery party. Abraham chose the Whig in his sentence, "I am always a Whig in politics." He had served in the Illinois state legislature since his first successful election in 1834. He was in a tough campaign for

  • Summary Of Chapter 14: A War For Union And Emancipation

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    Emancipation The separation of the states in the South was a response to president Abraham Lincolns election, since he was against slavery, and this was a threat to the South because they were very dependent on the industry of slaves and cotton. The separation in the South led to the development of the new government or authority known as, the Confederate States of America and was ran by Senator Jefferson Davis. The main goal for the Confederate States of America was to protect slavery and prevent

  • The Struggle In The Battle Of Chancellorsville

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    Chancellorsville took place April 30th-May 6th 1863. Joseph Hooker led the Union in this battle and Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were Commanders of the Confederate States of America (Civil War Trust). Lee and Jackson conceived one of the boldest plans of the war, and it was because of this plan that the Confederate States of America won the Battle of Chancellorsville (Civil War Trust). Many lives were lost in the battle, however there was one loss that was the most profound to both sides

  • How Did Jefferson Davis Impact On American History

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    and every one has their own arguments for and against their beliefs, actions, and personal life. Possibly one of the most controversial figures of American history, Jefferson Davis had a tremendous impact on the United States of America and the short lived Confederate States of America before, during, and after the Civil War. Along with the majority of prominent dignitaries of the past, Jefferson Davis came from a relatively normal and conventional background. He was born on June 3, 1808 in the town

  • The Confederate Flag Analysis

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    was a deadly shooting in South Carolina on June 17, 2015. People think it had to do with the confederate flag (Black Confederate Flag supporter says 'I Will Not Turn My Back) . The confederate flag should be flown around government and state grounds. The Confederate Flag is about heritage. The Confederate Flag came from the war. When we won the war we also won the flag and also freedom. The Confederate Flag is not racist. There are african-americans that fought in the war to bring us freedom

  • Why Did African Americans Win The Civil War

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    was split into North and the South, the union and the confederates. The war was sparked by the election of the sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln in 1860. A month after Lincoln took office the Civil War would officially start. President Lincoln wanted to get slavery out of the states. Angry and unwilling to accept Lincoln’s proposal, seven southern confederate states withdrew from the rest of the country and made the Confederate States of America. With tensions rising and neither side willing to back

  • Why Bleeding Kansas

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    The Civil War was a war that took place in America with the North (the Union) vs the South (Confederate).. The war lasted four long years- from April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865. The Civil War was caused because of mainly two reasons. One of the two main reasons is that slavery was happening in the United States and the second reason is that the states rights were violated. The war actually started because of a fort called Fort Sumter. It was one of the Unions forts and they had people there. The people

  • Why Should The Confederate Flag Be Banned

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    Should the Confederate flag be banned on public property? The Confederate flag is one of the greatest controversial, provocative icons of American culture, and even has a significant presence out of the country. There is proof to suggest that just observing the Confederate flag makes a person act fairly more racist. Some people believe that the Confederate flag is racist. Are these believe true? The Confederate flag can be started as a symbol of patriotism, but even was the way to show the white

  • Jefferson Davis Confederate Leader

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    Jefferson Davis is a Confederate leader that has done loads of things that help the Union and the Confederate States of America. If you are the leader of the Confederate States and help the United States, there has to be something wrong with you, some might say. Jefferson Davis was the man responsible for the plan that there should be equal firepower (meaning guns and cannons) in each place in the South . This idea played right into the Union plans. With this idea the Union was able to take a lot

  • Analyze The Causes Of The American Civil War

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    economical, politically and socially. It lead to a reconstruction of a sagging nation. Before the American Civil War, both the Northerners and Southerners states were making economic advances. The railway allowed for the formation of a communication system that was national. The availability of railroads made the settlements of the western states easier. Immigration had a steady increasing rate and economy was booming for the North. They also discovered mineral resources that boosted the iron and textile

  • What Are The Causes Of The Civil War

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    exploded between the United States of American and Confederate States of American. On the one hand, eleven southern states formed the Confederate States of American for leaving the United States of American, which also called" the Confederacy" and allowed slavery. On the other hand, the US government and the states also formed another union, which briefly named "the North", each state where slavery was illegal supported the Union. War began on April 12, 1861 when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter

  • Confederate Flag Essay

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    two-thirds the height of the flag as a canton. The Confederate Flag, which stood for the Confederacy during 1861-1865. Once the American Civil War ended, there has been private and official use of the flag. The flag commonly recognized the symbol of the Southern United States, or also known as the “rebel flag.” Within the 21st century the confederate flag has now become highly divisive symbol in the United States. Within the United States the Confederate flag has been given the same protection from burning