Confederate Vs Confederate

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You’ve probably heard of the Civil War of 1861 when the Union fought against the Confederacy of the South. Both sides fought their hardest, but only one can win a war. In my paper I’ll tell you about the Confederate side, what they thought, and what they did down in the South.
The Confederate Nation was formed on February 8, 1861. They formed the Confederacy so they could maintain their views on slavery, state rights, and white privileges. Representatives of the Confederate states didn’t have the same beliefs as the Union in the North, so they decided they would create their own nation apart from the United States of America and leave the Union. Their capital was Montgomery, Alabama.
They believed that slavery was a supreme way of life. They …show more content…

They believed that white men were superior and anyone not white wasn’t worthy or equal. They considered themselves superior to others and all around the best race compared to others (mainly African Americans). With that belief they were okay with slavery and thought it was a simple way of life. They rebelled against the Union and the North declared war on the Confederate Nation. During the war the Northern States had the advantage over the Southern. With the North having more people, food, supplies, and money the South had not much. While Confederates had skilled soldiers and leaders who were determined to fight. The main feud about the Civil War was that the North and South had different beliefs such as industry vs. farming, the ideas on slave rights, or how slaves should be treated, and even their thoughts on tariffs.

In the Civil War they used many weapons from close combat melee weapons to firearms such as rifles and pistols. “The civil war brought many advancements in gun technology.” ( Common weapons used were artillery field guns, muskets/rifles, machine guns, grenades and …show more content…

Other people in the militias of the South simply wore clothes from their homes as well, considering they weren't really trained for war. Some of the leaders or generals on the Confederate side wore dark blue uniforms and were mistaken for apart of the Union at times, because of this they tried to keep mostly in gray uniforms.

Plantations in the South were a big part of Southern life and if not big plantations it would just be a small family owned farm. Plantations could own up to one hundred or more slaves. There were some farmers though who owned around 0-5 slaves as well. Slave owners could treat their slaves however they wanted after all the slaves were considered their property. Most slave owners would harshly treat their slaves by wiping their body, burning them, and torturing

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