What Caused The Civil War Essay

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The American Civil War was the war that ended slavery. The civil war was known as one of the bloodiest and deadliest conflicts the United States had ever seen. The loss of life was an estimated amount of 620,000 men. It lasted four years, from April 12, 1861, through May 9, 1865. However, while slavery was a major cause of the American Civil War, there were several other major factors. One of the several factors that helped cause the Civil War was the economy at the time. While the economy wasn’t in bad shape, the North and South were different and had very different views and ideas about their futures. The Northern area couldn 't have huge farms like the South. However, they were very diverse in the items they wanted to produce. So they became more focused on industry. Items like cotton, wool, pig iron, weapons, furniture, and other important items were being produced at a faster rate than the south. "By 1860, 90 percent of the nation 's manufacturing output came from the northern states” (Industry and Economy during the Civil War) The need for slaves in the north had reduced drastically. Slavery wasn 't needed in the North as much as it was in the south. …show more content…

Another major factor that led to the Civil war was the social status and views at the time. The North and South had very different social views. In the North, while a good amount of the people owned slaves, many of them began to see it as wrong and inhumane. They also began to believe that they no longer needed slaves to do work for them and that the slaves should have freedom, as well as their own rights. But even with the North beginning to want to change things, slaves were still not treated like human beings most of the time. Most were left unfed and if they disobeyed orders they were whipped and cruelly beaten. However, the most of the South didn 't see slavery as inhumane. To them slavery was needed, slaves were needed to help farm, as well as make profit for their owners. Slavery was seen as a source of

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