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Nick Baxter What caused the Civil War? DBQ The Civil War was caused by three main reasons are economic differences, interpretation of Constitution, and moral beliefs. The North and the South were very different economically. The South had very little industry. It was based off of an agrarian economy (Document B). Slaves picked cotton off the plantation and the farmers sold the cotton to make money (Document A). The Southern weren't able to keep their money without slaves working for free. Slavery was vital in the South for the economy. In the North slavery wasn't practiced. The economy of the North was mainly dependent on industry. The North depended on the South for …show more content…

People such as Frederick Douglass gave speeches on the issue of slavery. Douglass was a slave himself and from being a slave he told stories about slavery and why it was bad. Douglass speech "What to an American slave is your 4th of July? I answer a day that reveals to him gross injustice and cruelty.To him your celebration is a sham your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless" (Document G). George Fitzhugh claimed that "The Negro slaves of the South are the happiest the freest people in the world." (Document H). John Brown a major person in the fight to end slavery "led a band of 18 men into Virginia to seize the federal arsenal there, distribute the captured arms to slaves in the area, and create a general slave uprising." (Document I).John Brown was executed and the aftermath of his death made tensions rise betwwen the North and South. "I am willing to take chances of…disunion, sooner than submit any longer to Northern insolence and Northern outrage." (Document I). 618,000 people died during the Civil War. Economic differences between the North and the South,interpretations of the Constitution, the thought of slavery was morally wrong what caused the Civil War . The states were suppose to create a union but ended up not happening. I believe that the Civil War was needed slavery completely ended after this change of goverment and the African Americans were

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