What Caused The Civil War Dbq Analysis

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The Civil War was a battle of great importance to our history of the United States. On April 12th, 1861 this battle broke out between the Union States, North, and the Confederate States, such as the South. The Civil War took place all throughout the United states, and did not come to an end until the Union won the war on May 9, 1856. So, our question of “What caused the Civil War”, comes with three important answers. The three main causes of the Civil War between the North and the South were Economic, Social, and Political differences. The first main cause of the Civil War was conflict between the North and the South about economic differences. In documents A and B, they provided for us, explain various reasons as to why economic reasons were a big part of the Civil War. For example, Document A shows a map of Railroads and Slave Density that provides information of where railroads are located and which of the states have bigger …show more content…

In Documents J and N, they bring out the most information in political differences. For example, in Document J it provides a map that explains where free states, slave states, popular sovereignty states, etc. It’s clear in this map that Northern states contain more free states than Southern states. In Document N, another map is provided but with information regarding the Election of 1860. It seems in the Election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln had more electoral votes and popularity votes out of the other competitors. It was later understood that the map was showing you who was more likely to win and how the Democrats didn't have a chance between the Republicans. Political differences helped cause the Civil War because who won elections was a big deal. Winning an election means total control of what is around you, including being able to make all states slave free states, and this can cause big problems for those who are

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