The Three Main Causes Of The Civil War

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There were three main causes of the civil war including slavery, sectionalism and secession. Slavery was a huge part of it and it led to the Missouri Compromise where any states below the border would be slave states and the anything north of that was free states. (Mrs. Wise) "The south feared the declaration of freedom for the slaves by government leaders in the North." Next, sectionalism. Sectionalism- loyalty to your state or lifestyle rather than to the whole country. The north was against sectionalism and the south liked it. The North wanted the government to rule laws for the whole country and south wanted to have each state choose their own laws individually. south also wanted to return any runaway slaves. (Mrs. Wise) "the Fugitive Slave Law- required all citizens to help catch runaway slaves or face large fines and jail time if caught helping a slave." Those were two of three main causes of the civil war, including slavery and sectionalism.…show more content…
Secession- the act of pulling out of the union. By 1861 many southerners felt the need to secede. On December 20, 1860, South Carolina voted to secede. By February 1861 Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Louisiana had voted to secede and formed the confederate state of America. Because of session the nation fell apart. (Mrs. Wise) I would say the main cause of the civil war is slavery. North didn't like slavery and the south wanted it. They made the Missouri compromise but north thought slavery should be emitted from America so they were going to have to fight. There were many reasons that the civil war happened and they all tied together to make one big
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