Kansas Border War Was The Main Cause Of The Civil War

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In small towns in Kansas, husbands and wives had to say goodbye to each other as if they were going to die. That is how bad the Kansas Border War was. The North and the South did not not agree on much. Most importantly, they did not agree on slavery. The Kansas Border War, abolitionists, and the election of 1860 were reasons that the Civil War started. Slavery was the main cause of the Civil War because the North hated the fact of slavery and the South loved it and stood by it. This led to the South being afraid that the country would outlaw slavery. This later led to an outburst of war between the two sides of our country. Many people, including the North and the South, believe that abolitionists tore this country apart piece by piece. Abolitionists are people from Western Europe and the Americas who wanted to end slave trade and free …show more content…

Abolitionists told the truth about slavery and how bad it was. They risked it all to save the slaves by hand or writing about the truth of slavery, letting people know what it was and why it was bad for our country. They risked their own lives for the United States future. Two governments fighting over one state. Capitals 200 miles between each other. Something bad was going to happen. The North wanted Kansas but ultimately, the South won the vote, controlling Kansas for its own making it a slave state. Lincoln promised to keep slavery, but when this country was torn apart, he decided to end slavery once a for all. He tried to bring this country back to where it was before. Some believe he is the greatest president we have ever had as a nation, but even Abraham Lincoln couldn't repair this country. Slavery tore this counrtry apart. Because they couldn't agree on the topic at hand, a war broke out. There is no question that slavery caused the American Civil

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