How Did The South Cause The Civil War

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There was not one reason for the cause of the civil war. There were multiple problems and differences that eventually built up to cause the civil war. Problems such as different views on slavery between the North and South and different views on tariffs, trade, and rights to the people. The civil war was majorly based on slavery beliefs between the North and the South, but also was influenced by the other factors. When the region started to grow bigger, the North started to become a very industrial society with very little farming. Many people lived in cities and factories. While the South still remained agricultural with very few people, having almost about 1/ 3 of them being enslaved. Slavery was still legal in the South, while the Northern …show more content…

The war didn’t yet officially begin until the confederate forces in South Carolina led an attack on Fort Sumter off its coast on April 12th,1861. This began the civil war. The civil war started in 1861 and lasted up till about 1865. Totaling around 620,000 it is considered the most gruesome war of the United States. When the war first began it seemed as if the South had the advantage over the North. The South had interior lines to defensively behind, had well trained soldiers, and were fighting for their homeland. It was a little more difficult for the North as they had to invade the vast territory, conquer it, and then take it back to the union, to try to regain the south, and become one again. Confederate forces could still have won their independence not by winning the war, but by bringing it to a draw and to stand tall. The South also had a very large disadvantage population wise. The South only had about 9 million people and about 3.5 million slaves, while the North had about 22 million people total. This cause a large disturbance between the two fighting groups causing a great challenge for to the South to fight. The North also manufactured about 90% of all items in the United States. This gave them the overall advantage as they had a very large amount of supplies that the South did not. This included clothing, weapons, food and many other sources that were vital to have during a

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