Why North Won The Civil War

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Why did the North the war? What would one do to help assist their side to win a war? Maybe one would make sure they have all an abundance of food and weapons so they would never run out. Perhaps one would get a large army. They could even have a plan of all the strategies in a battle to prepare themselves on how they attack the other side. In the Civil War, the north had done all of these tactics to defeat the South. They had some setbacks during some battles, but ended up pulling through and winning. The North won the war by having a larger army than the South, by being the more prepared with their supplies, and by utilizing the Anaconda plan. Having a larger army helped the North win the Civil War in many ways. When the North had more men than the other side, they can have a little more room for causalities …show more content…

Having a larger army meant that the North had more men to fight in all the battles that they will compete against in during the war. The North had nearing doubled the size of the South so it was harder for the South to compete against such a large army. The North was more prepared in getting supplies from their factories. The South had way less more factories and workers then the North did so they could not make and send out the supplies and/or food to the South as fast as the North could. The Anaconda plan was designed to block the Mississippi River to try to stop all supplies that are coming to the South. This resulted in the South not getting any more supplies so they will only have to work with a limited amount of supplies. The South then could not fight any longer so they had to surrender and let the North take the win. These are not the only reasons why the North won the war but they are big reason that helped them defeat the

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