The Pros And Cons Of Sherman's War

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Sherman's speech was correct to fight for the freedom of slaves. Some people may agree with Sherman’s speech while others may not. Many people agreed with Sherman because the south had a bad reason for war. Sherman had strong points that helped explain why the south would not stand a chance against the North. Sherman had lots of confidence that the North side would win the war. A lot of his confidence came from the North's supplies, resources, and power. Sherman thought slavery should end and knew that if a war started he must win it. Lots of people agreed with Sherman and thought slavery should end. Even though Sherman's speech had many positives there some negatives also came out of it. Sherman's speech tipped the south over the edge to fight against the north. Everyone knew the war would break out adventoly but Sherman's speech tipped the south to break out into war. The war affected …show more content…

People from the South did ot think they stood a chance against the North and knew they would lose . For example in the passage “Mary Chesnut” it states, “The end has come, no doubt of the fact.. We are going to be wiped off the face of the earth. Now what is there to prevent Sherman taking General Lee in the rear. We have but two armies, and Sherman is between them now”(Chesnut, 482). The North had a huge army far too big for the south to defeat and both sides knew that the North had all the supplies and resources necessary to win the war and end slavery. The Northern people knew they would win the war and talked about how life would change for the better, before the war ever ended. For example the passage “Fredrick Douglass” states, “When the war is over, the country is saved, peace is established, and the black man's rights are secured, as they will be, history With an impartial hand will dispose of that and sundry other questions”(Douglass, 481). Therefore the confidence the North had may have helped them win the

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