Could The Civil War Been Avoided Essay

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Any time the issue of war is debated one of the underlying questions that are always asked is whether the war could have been avoided or not and the Civil War is no exception to this. On December 20th, 1860 South Carolina declared its secession from the Union The secession of South Carolina was followed by the secession of six additional states from the south. By February of the next year, the seven southern states that had left the union had drafted a constitution of their own and soon became their own nation called “ the Confederate States of America”. There were far too many differences between the two sides for a peaceful reconciliation. So this left the United States divided into essentially two separate nations with opposing views forced …show more content…

Do to these doubts there had been a drop in the importation of slaves and began the rapid decline of the southern economy. If the southern economy had continued on the rate it was at it is arguable that the slave labor would have eventually died out on its own without going to war because without the need to produce mass amounts of cotton there was little to no need for slave labor. That all changed though, with the invention of the Cotton Gin in 1793, slavery was revived because cotton production had become profitable again. What happened 60 years later proved that this ongoing conflict was far from …show more content…

There were too many factors leading up to the war that only increased the fundamental differences between the north and the south. Lincoln, as well as many others, believed that the country could not continue to exist as two nations under a singular government and survive. The only way was for the two opposing ideologies had to settle the differences between, however, the differences were so important to each section a political compromise would have ultimately ended in one side's economic and social ideology being dismissed. Both sides were unwilling to let their ideologies be taken out by the other. The cotton gin changed the stakes as it revived the cotton production, the main product of the south and set it in place as the key part of the southern economy. The north and the south did not develop along similar economic or ideological views, that created a deep-rooted uncertainty in the US. At some point in time, the two opposing sides would have inevitably gone to war their viewpoints and beliefs were too different from one another even after once all other options and compromises had been

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