Why Did The North Win The Civil War Essay

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The Civil war was fought by two sides which divided american way of life in the early years. There were two sides that were in play with this bloody and relentless war that shaped america and its way along the way. These two sides were The Union( The North) and The Confederacy( The South) . Each side wanted to unite america with its own laws. the south allowed slavery while the north wanted reunite america and to abolish slavery from all of the states. The union had a great advantage for winning the war and without these advantages the war would have probably lasted longer or ended in a victory for the south. One of these advantages would be that it had a lot of industrial factories. this made and gave the union more ready for the war then …show more content…

They also didn’t have many people like the south did, which focused on nothing but agriculture when The North focused on it’s industrial parts. this also gave the Union the edge to fight the Confederates with more men. mostly all of the southern men fought in war but they were outnumbered by the millions of Union troops in the war. The amount of workers and how better equipped with the industrial base the north could make more guns and steel to create machinery to help in the war like the ironclads used by each side, just the north would make them and the south bought them from other countries. Something the North also had was wealth, they had a stable and better economy then what the south had, since all the focus the south had was tobacco and cotton the north would ship it and refine it better than what the south did. this means that the north would have more to spend on the war and to make their troops have the upper hand going against the south. something that the union did better as well or had better was transportation, the north had the railroads and they were king in moving troops and

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