Essay On Why The North Won The Civil War

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The North had beaten the South in the Civil War. The North won the war for many reasons; they had some advantages over the South, a great leader, and the desire to win. The North and South fought many battles before the Civil War ended. Each battle had a different outcome and some encouraging the fight and some ended in despair. The North had many advantages. They beat the South in population they could draw soldiers from. The North had 22 million citizens where the South only had 5.5 million citizens. The North could transport supplies and people faster because of their roads, canals, and railroads. However the South disconnected from itself with barely any railroads and hard to move soldiers and goods from place to place. Therefore the North always had the upper hand because they would always have more people and supplies in a matter of hours or minutes depending on where the fight was. That was some of the …show more content…

Lincoln’s plan was to bring the nation together and stop the fighting. Along with Lincoln there were other great commanders by his side. General McDowell led the second battle of the Civil War making the North realize this wasn’t going to be an easy battle to win. General Grant led the Union to a victory and the capture of the first Confederate capital. General Sherman led the Union to another victory and ended the Confederacy control on the Mississippi Valley. General McClellan made the South flee causing the Union to win another battle. In Mississippi General Grant led another battle to victory with the surrender of the Confederacy. General Sherman led the Union army in Savannah and destroyed the cities and broke the spirit of the Confederacy. This was another victory. The final battle of the Civil War was led by President Lincoln. This battle ended the war and slavery in the United states. Although many battles were successful they did lose and tie but in all battles lives were lost on both

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