Pickett's Leadership Qualities

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One Union leader was Ulysses S. Grant. He was “commander in chief of the Union army” (Stoff 505). Grant helped the course of the war by being determined to win. Also he thought of the idea to “wage total war against the south” (Stoff 508). This meant that “civilians in the south suffered the same hardships as the army” (Stoff 508). Another way he helped the outcome of the war is by winning at Vicksburg and Petersburg. One confederate leader was General George Pickett. He helped the course of the war by leading “15,000 men in a daring charge against the center of the union line” (Stoff 506). This was known as Pickett’s charge but it was an easy win for the union. To get to the union army “Pickett’s men would have to march 1,000 yards across

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