What Was George Mcclellan Important Qualities

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A brilliant engineer and highly capable organizer was George B. McClellan, He also was a commander of the war. George B. McClellan is often remembered as the great organizer of the Union Army of the Potomac. He helped construct railroads for the military early on before all of his fame came upon, he also was ranked 2nd in a class of 59 in his Military academy, along side with 20 others who would become full rank generals during the Civil War. He was very successful during his command in war, just many people thought he was bait cautious at times which ultimately led to him being let off. George B. McClellan was very impressive at training soldiers I would say but when battle came around he wasn't so successful, he was looked up to by a great …show more content…

He talked behind his back, McClellan wrote that Lincoln was "nothing more than a well-meaning baboon," Which if you just hired somebody to be the union leader in the East who is supposed to rebound after a demoralizing defeat at Bull Run i wouldn't be too happy either. Lincoln made frequent evening visits to McClellan's house to discuss strategy, and he would always get laid off. for instance Lincoln went to McClellan’s house to have a few words with the general, His wife told Lincoln and his party that he was out and about. Lincoln and his party were willing to wait for his return so they did so. After an hour, McClellan came in and was told by a porter that the guests were waiting. McClellan headed straight to his room without a word to anybody. Only after Lincoln waited another half-hour was the group he was informed that McClellan went to bed.His party felt that the president should have been greatly offended by McClellan's actions. But instead Lincoln wasn't worried about it, that led Lincoln to never again visit McClellan’s house again. In March 1862, the president removed McClellan as general in chief of the

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