Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

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The Civil War is considered to be the bloodiest episodes of warfare in American History. During this war, there were numerous well known battles. One of the most famous battles was called the Second Battle of Bull Run. The Second Battle of Bull Run was fought over August 28-30, 1862. Although this battle lasted only 3 days, there were approximately 22,000 casualties during this span. Major General John Pope lead approximately 62,000 Union soldiers in the Second Battle of Bull Run. On the other side, the Confederates were lead by General Robert E. Lee. Despite having fewer men, the Confederates were ultimately victorious as a result of their superior military strategy and their understanding and use of the local terrain. The Second Battle of Bull Run was greatly impacted by both the resources of the both the Union and the Confederate troops, as well as by the local geography of the battle. As the Civil War began each both sides possessed significant strengths and weaknesses. The Union with a population of 22 million, …show more content…

Additionally, despite the fact that the Union had more resources and a better equipped army, the Confederacy was able to better arm and supply itself and take advantage of the Union resources by capturing the Union’s regional supply depot during the battle. To my mind, two compelling questions regarding the Second Battle of Bull Run would be ‘If the union armies had been cohesive, instead of separating into two separate groups, and had a better understanding of the local terrain at Bull Run would they have been able to be victorious?’, and ‘If the Southern States had been a bit more powerful economically, given the battlefield superiority of their generals such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, would the south have won the civil war? If so, what would the USA look like

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