How Did Ulysses S. Grant Win The Civil War?

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During the American Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant was a more successful general and was able to win many of the battles and was able to switch the War from Confederate dominance to Union dominance. Robert E. Lee was ranked 2nd in his class at Military college West Point in 1849. He had no demerits and was a very studious man. Not one to go to parties or to drink, while most did, including Future General Ulysses s. Grant. While Lee was studying and working hard to keep his grades up and learn as much possible, Grant would go out and drink at bars and have a fun time doing things he should not be doing. Especially for an Army officer. Grant was not the best student either, graduating 21st in his class of 39. What made Grant a great general was that he took great risks that was sure would …show more content…

In the battle of shiloh Grant was able to fight off the confederate soldiers and hold them off while getting reinforcements and eventually being able to win the battle. On the first day of “Bloody Shiloh,” Grant saved his army, and on the second day he counterattacked and drove the enemy forces from the battlefield and back toward Corinth. General Grant Despite its disastrous start, Shiloh was a major victory for Grant. Grant led his army from the front and would stick to his plan of attack, and was able to adapt to the attacks of the Confederates. Though he lost many men, his concern was to win the battle, and eventually the war. To be a general you must take risks to have great success. The job of an Army General is to command his army to win on the battlefield. General Ulysses S. Grant also developed a reputation during the war for being more concerned with his own plans than with the plans of of the

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