Robert E. Lee Essays

  • Robert E Lee Leadership

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    General Robert E. Lee was the commander of the Northern Virginian Army during the Civil War. Lee was brilliant at strategies and tactics of war. This brilliance, however, was not isolated. In order for these strategies and tactics of Lee’s to work, Lee had to have great influence and power over his men. Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest and most successful leaders this world will ever know. Lee’s leadership and management skills are what granted most of his success as a leader. To start off

  • Robert E Lee Leadership Qualities

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    quote from the great General Lee is as follows, “I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.” This quote gives you an incite on how great of a leader he was ethically and morally, as well as his battle strategies. To some people, including myself, he is the considered the greatest military leader of all time. This paper will be organized starting with his life and his accomplishments, then will go into his leadership attributes. Robert E. Lee was born on January 19, 1807

  • Robert E Lee Narrative Report

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    Witness/Narrative: Robert E. Lee Hi there, I’m Robert E. Lee. You might know me by reading your history books in school. I was the General of the Northern Virginia army for The Confederates. As you may know the Union won the war and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the story of the Civil War through the Union’s eyes but I think you should see it though mine. Let’s start from the very beginning. I was born January 19, 1807. I was the son to Henry Lee and Ann Hill. The place my mother birthed me in was

  • Robert Lee's Contribution To The Civil War

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    Robert E. Lee’s (1807-1870) contribution to the United States as a war general and commander received positive connotations for his commitment, attitude and inspiration on the battlefield. However, it is debateable about his contributions because of Robert Lee’s association in the Civil War (1861-1865) to the Confederate Army that fought for the Southern States. Robert Lee lead many successful campaigns and battles including the following; helping defeat Mexican armies that lead to U.S land gains

  • Gettysburg A Turning Point Dbq Analysis

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    turning point was because of the geography or location of the war. Robert E. lee took the battle to the North . (Document A) Lee did this to surprise the North because most of the war was fought in the South. However, his attempt was unsuccessful because the confederates lost and were now outnumbered. (Document A) This is why geography contributed to Gettysburg being a game changer in the Civil War.

  • Why Was Gettysburg A Turning Point Research Paper

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    United States was Formed Some people may believe that the Battle of Gettysburg was not a turning point in the Civil War was not a turning point, however, there are many reasons why it is. Back in 1863, the Civil War was on its third year. General Robert E. Lee had started to march his army up to attack the North and President Abraham Lincoln noticed this. He decided to switch his general to general Meade and they all began to prepare for battle. The main question that has been asked throughout this time

  • Gettysburg A Turning Point Analysis

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    was the confederacy’s northern attack. The Union campaign was a solid line while the Confederacy was a broken line (Document A). The map would show where and how the Union and Confederate forces moved (Document A). If a victory from General Robert E. Lee would have happened, it have broken the will to fight. Gettysburg was a also a turning point because of all the casualties that occurred. The Union, Confederate, and the total men of age make up the total casualty numbers. The Confederacy had

  • How Did Robert Lee Impact On America

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    Robert E. Lee’s Impact on United States Government Official John F. Kelly once said that , “ He was a man that gave up his country to fight for his state .” To me that quote means , that he was willing to fight for what he believed even if it came down to fighting against people in the same country which he lived in . This quote proves that he would fight with all his best capabilities . Robert E. Lee was a important figure in American History , because he was General of the Confederate States during

  • What Are The Advantages Of Robert E Lee's Victory

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    victory with equally large advantages. Had Robert E. Lee led the Union's army in the Civil War, he would have easily claimed victory, as he was an incredible general and the Union had many advantages over the Confederacy. Robert E. Lee was an elite general who prolonged a war in which many expected his army to fall very quickly. He had many major victories, and one the first and most important was in Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy. Lee started the battle there by scaring the Union

  • Argumentative Essay: Loyalty In The United States

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    He was one of the most prestigious army generals known in the United States. During the civil war the north wanted Lee to be the leader of their army, but the hang up is that he was from Virginia. His family is from Virginia, but it was also a state that was going to succeed from the Union. In short Robert E Lee has two options to fight for the United States or to fight as a general of the confederate army. It could be argued that off course he should fight for

  • Battle Of Gettysburg DBQ

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    the battle. After the battle, the Confederacy leader named Robert E. Lee had given up his hope and his confidence of making the Confederacy win and become independent. In a letter from General Lee to Jefferson Davis (Doc C), it says “Therefore in all sincerity, request your excellency to take measures to supply my place.” “No one is more aware than myself of my inability for the duties of my position.” This shows that Robert E. Lee didn’t have confidence in himself or the Confederacy winning after

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At Arlington National Cemetery

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    beautiful parcel of property. The creation of Arlington National Cemetery was driven by the human emotions of spit and revenge. At the end of the Civil War, the Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton declared the home, known as the Arlington House (Custis-Lee Mansion), and 200 acres of ground immediately surrounding it officially as a military cemetery. This was June 15, 1864. The property was just across the Potomac River, In Arlington, VA, from Washington D.C. and consisted of 1,120

  • Compare And Contrast Grant And Lee

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    Grant and Lee It all began in April 1865. Two of the greatest Americans decided to meet, and wrestle the thought of what needed to be done to end the Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee had important similarities, but also had differences. Both men had superior characteristics that helped them make the decisions they did during the Civil War. General Ulysses S. Grant was a very powerful man. He was the son of a tanner on the Western frontier. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his

  • Abraham Lincoln's Influences

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    In many writings, authors uses their life as a major influence. They use their own experiences and emotions in their work to bring relatable viewpoints. Authors including Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Mark Twain all had writings that were influenced by their life. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and politician during the time of the Civil War. In March of 1861, he was elected as the sixteenth President of the United States. On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln wrote and presented the Gettysburg

  • Robert E. Lee Is Dead Character Analysis

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    Danielle Evans, the assistant professor of the English department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is the author of the Paterson Prize winner Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self. In her collection of short stories, Evans includes “Robert E. Lee is Dead,” a story of a teenage girl named Crystal and her best friend Geena Johnson. Crystal gains popularity when she becomes Geena’s friend. However when their friendship ends, Crystal becomes the antisocial girl who did not fit in with the cool

  • Arlington Cemetery Essay

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    although,the cemetery was built on the property of George Washington Parke Custis’s’ mansion .Custis was the adopted son of the president George Washington. Custis was married to a woman named Mary Lee Fitzhugh.They had one child; her name was Mary Anna Randolph Custis. Mary Anna married Robert E. Lee. After Custis & his wife died, they passed the property onto Mary Anna. They lived there until Virginia seceded

  • Michael Shaara The Killer Angels Analysis

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    Lee was a gentleman, religious man, and considerable patience. He was the top commander of the confederate army. He had symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain (headaches), and sore throat. Beginning he was in denial about his health issue and thought

  • Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Character Analysis

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    obsession with the abundant directions she may lead her characters including the depth in which the characters emotions can be taken as well (Young). Evans’ collection of short stories Before you Suffocate Your Own Fool includes the short story “Robert E. Lee Is Dead”, which relates to the inner turmoil felt by teenagers in reality through the dysfunction of teenage characters’ lives, such as feelings of solitude and uncertainty of the future past a conventional high school education. The unclear visions

  • Beauregard In The Civil War Essay

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    When you think about the Civil War, you usually think about people like Robert E. Lee or Ulysses S. Grant. They aren’t the only important people in the war, there are many more. One of these important people is Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, mostly known as PGT Beauregard. Beauregard was a huge help to the Confederate in the beginning of the war. He helped at a lot of the major battles. PGT Beauregard was born on May 18th, 1818 in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana. He was raised on a sugarcane plantation

  • Abraham Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever

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    The United States has had many presidents in the course of its time. Forty five to be exact. However, there is one man among many that stands out: President Abraham Lincoln. From the time he took office to the time he was murdered, he was loved by all and was a leader like no other. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was one that broke the hearts of millions. It is to no surprise that he is still one of the most known and admired presidents that the United States has had. It is also no surprise