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  • Joshua L. Chamberlain's Charge: The Turning Point Of War

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    Little Round Top and into the pages of history.” ( Longacre ) . In May 1863, Gettysburg began with General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia's second invasion of the North. On its second day, Lee ordered an attack on the Union army just south of Gettysburg. By the third day, the Confederate army was forced to retreat back as a result of a failed Pickett’s Charge. The Union was saved and peace was eventually restored because of Joshua L. Chamberlain’s short period of defense at the Battle of

  • Why Is Vicksburg A Turning Point

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    Why was the Siege of Vicksburg such an immense turning point for the Union in the Civil War? This mainly was due to the capturing of the Mississippi River, which contained the South’s main ports for trading with foreign countries. Capturing the Mississippi demolished the Confederate’s leading position in the Civil War. This great achievement for the Union helped change the outcome of the war. The Siege took place in Vicksburg, which is located near central Mississippi on the western side of the

  • Battle Of Shiloh Essay

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    soldiers led by Albert Sidney Johnston, a Confederate Army General, composed this surprise attack on General Ulysses S. Grant’s encampment (Civilwar.org). The Battle of Shiloh contributed to the civil war by showing the South as well as the North, that the immense bloodshed from the battle meant that this war was not going to be short and easy, but long and difficult (Civilwar.org). Before the battle, in March of 1862, General Henry Halleck Led Union troops to the west, and took the troops under General

  • General Robert Edward Lee's Defeat

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    “Stonewall” Jackson, 1862 I In early April 1861, Colonel Robert Edward Lee was offered field command of the Union armies by Winfield Scott. Lee declined, saying that he could not contemplate fighting against the South in the event of their secession from the Union. He resigned from his anomalous position and returned to his beloved Virginia. On 25 April 1861, he was promptly made commander of the Virginian army. The Us Civil War had broken out on 12 April 1861 with the shelling of Fort Sumter in South Carolina

  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

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    span. Major General John Pope lead approximately 62,000 Union soldiers in the Second Battle of Bull Run. On the other side, the Confederates were lead by General Robert E. Lee. Despite having fewer men, the Confederates were ultimately victorious as a result of their superior military strategy and their understanding and use of the local terrain. The Second Battle of Bull Run was greatly impacted by both the resources of the both the Union and the Confederate troops, as well as by the local geography

  • General Lee Relationship

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    as Commander in chief. By allowing the generals to conduct missions on his behalf without giving them orders. This allowed General Lee and his army to be felixable during the war. General Lee divided his army in to four divisions and expanded them out thourgh the battlefield. The plan was to have the bulk of his army to cross Chickahominy and attack the Union north position. General Lee wanted General Jackson and his division to attack General Porter’s right position and allowing General Hill to move

  • Battle Of Spotsylvania Court House Essay

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    campaign, the battle of the wilderness also followed the devastation. Grant's Union army disengaged from the confederate army it was lead by Robert e. Lee he moved in a southeasterly direction to try the confederates into a battle that would have a better outcome. Unfortunately, the spotsylvania court house was beaten by part of the confederate army which led first attack on laurel hill. At a critical point, lee's army started a trenching around the area and people of skirmishes occurred in the middle

  • Battle Of Shiloh Essay

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    was held in southern Tennessee. The Confederates army General was Albert Sidney Johnston and P.G.T Beauregard. The Union army Generals were Ulysses S. Grant and Don Carlos Buell. Before the war begun Grant found a spot on the Tennessee River and taught the new soldiers different techniques to survive the war. The Union’s Generals took over Fort Donelson and Fort Henry two of the Confederates spots where they were protecting themselves from the Union. The battle has finally begun early in the morning

  • Battle Of Shiloh Essay

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    The Battle of Shiloh was horrific for both sides of the civil war. The Union successfully managed to push the Confederacy back, however this would not be possible without the reinforcements of the Army of Ohio. The bloody battle began on April 6th in Pittsburgh Landing on the Tennessee river. Grant, commander of the Federal forces, awaited the Army of Ohio as his men were outnumbered. Aware that the Union had split men and reinforcements were on the way Johnston, the commander for the Confederate

  • Gettysburg Informative Essay

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    1863, the turning point of the Civil War, Gettysburg, had begun with General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia's second invasion of the North. On its second day, Lee ordered an attack on Union forces dug in just south of town. His men, fresh off a first day of fighting, stormed the Union army’s left flank, but they were repelled as a result Chamberlain’s famous bayonet charge down Little Round Top. Therefore, the Union was saved and peace was eventually restored because of Joshua L. Chamberlain’s short

  • Civil War Tactics

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    bigger your army, the bigger the chance you have at victory. Casualties were at an all time high and the Union and Confederacy scrambled to protect their troops. The Civil War’s staggering number of casualties accounted for calculated tactics, the troublesome lives of civilians and the emergence of proper medical practice in a race to win, and in doing so caused an abundance of trauma for almost everyone in the nation. Fighting in a war is all about tactics and the Confederate and Union armies managed

  • Gettysburg A Turning Point Essay

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    year long battle between the union and the Confederacy, many lives were lost in the fight.General S Grant was believed to be the union's best General while on the Confederate side they had Robert Lee. Robert Lee led the South planning to attack; leaving the North panicked and worried when Lincoln brought forth General George Meade. Meade knew something big was about to happen even though he had little time to prepare. He led his army into the war the same size as Lee's Army. In the text it states “Gettysburg

  • Battle Of Shilh Essay

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    in the battle were Ulysses S. Grant of the Union army, and Albert Sidney Johnston of the Confederate army. The battle was fought in Hardin County, Tennessee and there were 23,000 casualties. It was the first battle of the civil war that showed large-scale death and suffering. The battle started on April 6, 1862 and General Johnston initiated a surprise attack on General Grant’s army camp near the Tennessee river. The Confederate attack drove the Union army back and the Confederates had created a

  • Fort Sumter: Bloodiest Battle Of The Civil War

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    begun after South Carolina seceded from the Union. They believe that the Fort would be theirs. Lincoln ordered the troops not to fire, yet he provided them with food. Eventually, South Carolina took control of the fort, thus becoming the first Confederate victory. The Union and Confederate forces battled at Manassas, Virginia. Both armies attacked each other as they met on the left flank. The South was able to build up enough troops to overrun the Union, causing them to retreat to the North. This

  • Punitive War Analysis

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    Punitive War: Confederate Guerrillas and Union Reprisals, Clay Mountcastle provides a detail account on how the Union’s attitude and actions changes during the Civil War due to the guerrilla actions against them. The point of Punitive War is not to illustrate the guerrilla actions, but focuses on the Union Army’s response the aggression. The purpose of this study is to educate those interested in military history, such as Officers in the United States Army or simple college students, on how guerilla

  • Railroads In Civil War

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    The Civil War was the first war to use railroads and turn them into a weapon of war. During the Civil War railroads became the vital new technology for both the Union and Confederate forces. The great distances separating armies, the need for supplies, and quicker troop movements all increased the need for the railroad. Without this new weapon the Civil War may have lasted until the last man was literally left standing. The ability to implement and use the railroads in the Civil War would play a

  • Advantages Of The South In The Civil War

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    as population, industrial and agriculture ability, transportation networking, and financial resources when compared to the South. The North had “ 2.1 million men who fought for the Union” (Goldfield, The American Journey, 407) this equaled about half of the North’s men of eligible age to fight. A majority of the Unions military about 200,000 men where African Americans, a hearty amount of which was ex slaves. An additional amount of soldiers came from Irish and German immigrates as well as northern

  • William Tecumseh Sherman Biography

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    Sherman first saw combat at the Battle of First Manassas, where he commanded a brigade of Tyler’s Division. Although the Union army was defeated during the battle, President Abraham Lincoln was impressed by Sherman’s performance and he was promoted to brigadier general on August 7, 1861, ranking seventh among other officers at that grade. He was sent to Kentucky to begin the Union task of keeping the state from seceding. While in the state, Sherman expressed his views that the war would not end quickly

  • Battle Of Shilh Essay

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    The Battle of Shiloh was fought on April sixth to April seventh in 1862, in southwestern Tennessee. The Union Generals were Ulysses S. Grant and Don Carlos Buell. The Confederate General was Albert Sidney Johnston. The Battle of Shiloh was considered the bloodiest battle of the Civil War with approximately 23,700 deaths total. This was one of the first successful outcomes for the Union and sparked a light of hope for the fighting soldiers. The battle began with Confederate General Johnston initiating

  • Ulysses Grant A Good Leader Essay

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    of the Union As he glanced over his maps, Ulysses S. Grant realized that the Confederacy had part of their army stationed at Paducah, Kentucky. At the time, Kentucky was still a neutral state. He quickly realized that this compromised the neutrality of the state. Handing a message to his runner, he walked out of his tent and prepared to face the enemy forces head on. On September 5, 1861, Ulysses S. Grant commanded his first battle. This lead to a long list of victories for the Union army in the