Battle Of Spotsylvania Court House Essay

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The Battle of spotsylvania court house happened in May 1864, this was the second major battle in Ulysses S. Grant's American civil war overland campaign, the battle of the wilderness also followed the devastation. Grant's Union army disengaged from the confederate army it was lead by Robert e. Lee he moved in a southeasterly direction to try the confederates into a battle that would have a better outcome.

Unfortunately, the spotsylvania court house was beaten by part of the confederate army which led first attack on laurel hill. At a critical point, lee's army started a trenching around the area and people of skirmishes occurred in the middle of May 8th and may 21st, 1864. When the battle of spotsylvania court house ended it had turned out to be one of the less battles of the American …show more content…

By May 10th, entrenchment made by the confederate line grew to be over 4 miles and included a prominent part known as the mule shoe. The union troops had failed to break ranks at Laurel hill, an assault by colonel upton which showed a lot of promise.

Grant than used upton's assault to get back at the entrenchment that had the mule shoe. 15,000 men, part of hancock's division II corps, he had initially launched an attack which was successful. An American civil war which was one of the most bloodiest and intense it had happened on May 12th. A war that had given the nickname 'Bloody love angel' because of its 24hours hand to hand fighting on the Western edge.

May 18th, a final attack led by Hancock and Grants men, but had made no progress. The second day had come, heavy days of rain followed grant changed his army and looked for weak points on the confederate line. May 19 confederate changed plans with an attack on union right at Harris farm. It was a heavy loose on both

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