Gettysburg A Turning Point Essay

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July 3rd, 1863, Gettysburg PA— You may be wondering what the date means, this is a date that the three-day Battle of Gettysburg happened. The Battle of Gettysburg was truly a turning point in the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg was a two year long battle between the union and the Confederacy, many lives were lost in the fight.General S Grant was believed to be the union's best General while on the Confederate side they had Robert Lee. Robert Lee led the South planning to attack; leaving the North panicked and worried when Lincoln brought forth General George Meade. Meade knew something big was about to happen even though he had little time to prepare. He led his army into the war the same size as Lee's Army. In the text it states “Gettysburg would change from a little known Farm Town in southern Pennsylvania to the most famous battle site in American history”. This leads me to believe by Gettysburg was a huge turning point for the Civil War The war of Gettysburg helped gain major campaigns for the Union, according to the document A the South had five major campaigns compared to the 17th that the north was running. This shows how the …show more content…

but the north had made major advancement by overcoming a lot of the enemy soldiers. In document B it states that only 3,115 Union soldiers were killed while comparatively 2600 to 4,500 Confederate soldiers were killed.The rate of casualties was much greater in the Confederates Army being 30 to 34% while the union was only 27% casualties. Showing that the union had ultimately won in keeping its soldiers alive the Confederate unfortunately Added up to more losses. This leads me to believe But the Gettysburg war changed a lot including the downfall in the Confederate side.Without the war of Gettysburg I don't think that the union would have taken the advantage they had during this time

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