Civil War Tactics

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We all know the saying “There is strength in numbers”, and this applies in the case of the Civil War, the bigger your army, the bigger the chance you have at victory. Casualties were at an all time high and the Union and Confederacy scrambled to protect their troops. The Civil War’s staggering number of casualties accounted for calculated tactics, the troublesome lives of civilians and the emergence of proper medical practice in a race to win, and in doing so caused an abundance of trauma for almost everyone in the nation. Fighting in a war is all about tactics and the Confederate and Union armies managed to keep theirs the same throughout the war. Tactics included surprise attacks and taking back-roads to avoid attacks, as this was essential in keeping their army’s forceful. The two sides had their differences in how they would weaken their opponent, with the Union agenda being cutting off supplies to the …show more content…

This caused an influx of new medical practices in the years to come. This was due to the fact that many people were dying in numbers larger than some populations, but the methods at hand were not sufficient. With the emergence of the first teaching hospital at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond, the opportunity to learn about diseases and how to treat them was available. This was entirely due to the fact that there was a demand for this; a need, and with comes a response. The staggering number of casualties in the civil war created an abundance of issues as well as solutions as a result of their struggle. The ability for both sides to strategize based on their numbers showed the importance of how far they would go in order to succeed. The war illustrated the brutal reality of casualties in war as well as how war strategies could greatly affect this despite the consequences it would all bring when it came time for

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