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The Battle of Shiloh
The Battle of Shiloh is a very ironic battle in the civil war. It was also a very bloody battle that lasted for 2 days in 1862. The 2 generals in the battle were Ulysses S. Grant of the Union army, and Albert Sidney Johnston of the Confederate army. The battle was fought in Hardin County, Tennessee and there were 23,000 casualties. It was the first battle of the civil war that showed large-scale death and suffering.
The battle started on April 6, 1862 and General Johnston initiated a surprise attack on General Grant’s army camp near the Tennessee river. The Confederate attack drove the Union army back and the Confederates had created a battle line. The Confederates surrounded the Union and either injured, killed, or even captured them. The Union army fought back and General Johnston was injured and soon after replaced by General …show more content…

Union troops stiffened and began forcing the Confederate troops back. By noon, General Pierre G.T. Beauregard knew that he had had too many casualties and he knew he could not win this battle. The battle ended in a Union victory and the Confederates turned back. There were 23,000 casualties in The Battle of Shiloh and it showed both armies that the civil war would not be won easily.
In the story The Drummer Boy of Shiloh it talks about a drummer boy on the Confederate side that would go into battle the next morning. He was talking to his General and he was scared. The story starts out with a cherry blossom falling on the boy and it startles him. Then in the end of the story in the battle another peach blossom falls on the boy but he's not scared anymore. The peach blossom demonstrates peace. Another symbol in the story is when the General tells the boy that he is the heart of the army. The heart of the army symbolizes the speed of the army and how everyone moves in

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