Battle Of Shiloh Essay

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The Battle of Shiloh, also known as “The Battle of Pittsburg Landing”, was fought in 1862 between the 6th and 7th of April (Historynet.com). The Battle of Shiloh was known to be the bloodiest battle of the Civil War at that point in time. A band of 40,000 confederate soldiers led by Albert Sidney Johnston, a Confederate Army General, composed this surprise attack on General Ulysses S. Grant’s encampment (Civilwar.org). The Battle of Shiloh contributed to the civil war by showing the South as well as the North, that the immense bloodshed from the battle meant that this war was not going to be short and easy, but long and difficult (Civilwar.org). Before the battle, in March of 1862, General Henry Halleck Led Union troops to the west, and took the troops under General Grant and …show more content…

Since Beauregard had no knowledge of the numbers of Grants Army, he had planned to make a heinous attack against him the next day (Totallyhistory.com). April 7th, 1862, the second day of the battle. Union forces had approximately 45,000 men, including Buell’s Army. The Confederate Army had received about 8,500 casualties, leaving them with only less than 20,000 men who could effectively fight (Totallyhistory.com). To the surprise of General Beauregard, Union troops came back with an overpowering counter attack. Confederate troops were pummeled by Union forces from dusk until dawn. exhausted, outnumbered, and broken in spirit, the Confederates were losing hope. From this point, the Union had proved itself to be victor although the battle had not yet ended. The union had successfully pushed the Confederates back to Shiloh Church where the attack began. The Confederates retreated, and Grants Army did not pursue them. A total of 23,746 had been killed and injured between both sides. 13,047 from the Union, and 10,699 from the

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