Battle Vicksburg Essay

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Vicksburg was a critical battle to both the Union and the Confederates because of whom would have the right of the Mississippi River. If the Union won the battle, they would regain control of the Mississippi River; thus, opening vital avenue of commerce that had been closed since secession and denied by Confederate Army since they trained by the river. Furthermore, if the Union took control, they would divide the Confederate States in half, disturb the Confederacy supply route, and cut Richmond off from western half of Confederacy. Cutting of Richmond would achieve a major objective of the Anaconda Plan. Defeating the Confederates was difficult for the Union. This battle was the longest Union campaign. First, the Union tried attacking in two directions. They attacked and defeated Confederates at Shiloh, Corinth, and Memphis. Then, David Farragut came up from the Gulf of Mexico. His ships bombarded New Orleans, capturing Forts Henry and Donelson. With these victories, the Union decided to move into Vicksburg. Union commanders, Ulysses Grant and William Sherman, divide the army to attack Vicksburg in two different directions; however, they both failed at their first attempt. Finally, the Union came up with a plan to achieve victory. The Union Army would …show more content…

On June 1, the second mine was blown. At this point, Confederate General John Pemberton, knew he had to surrender. On July 3, Grant and Pemberton met to discuss the terms of surrender. Grant wanted unconditional surrender; Pemberton refused. They didn’t find a compromise until July 4, 1863 when Grant offered parole to the garrison . The Confederates lost immensely at Vicksburg. The Union took control of Vicksburg, and Confederates lost the Mississippi River. Losing the Mississippi River divided the Confederates in half and gave the Union full control of the river. Furthermore, the victories of the Union at Vicksburg and Gettysburg turned the tide of the civil

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