Battle Of Antietam Research Paper

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The Battle of Antietam is viewed as the bloodiest day ever, with more than 23,000 warriors injured, killed, or missing.The Battle of Antietam occurred close Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland.The fight was battled on September 17 1862.
A large portion of the war had been battled in Virginia, as of right now. Robert E. Lee imagined that by battling in Maryland, he could win support from the general population of Maryland, and also bolster his troops with nourishment from Maryland ranches.
President Abraham Lincoln put Major General George B. McClellan accountable for the Union troops in charge of safeguarding Washington, D.C., against Lee 's attack.McClellan 's Army of the Potomac conflicted first with Lee 's men on September 14, with the

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