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The Battle of Shiloh was one of the bloodiest battles in the civil war because of the south's attack on the union camp, Grants Counterattack, and the effects after the battle.

The battle of shiloh took place in Shiloh, Tennessee. The battle started April 6, 1862, and ended April 7, 1862. The Confederate army had around 40,000 men. The battle started when the confederate army led by Albert Sidney Johnston and P.G.T Beauregard led a sneak attack on the union’s camp. It was one of the bloodiest battles because of the thousands of troops that had died. The battle was mainly thought hand to hand. There was fierce fighting throughout the battle. During the battle the union took a position known as “Hornets Nest”. The Hornets nest was basically …show more content…

Grant and Don Carlos Buell. One of the South’s goals that day was to defeat the union army before reinforcements arrived. General Johnston assured his generals “Tonight we will water our horses in Tenessee”. The south was hoping to defeat the union that day. During the first day of battle around the evening general Johnston was shot in the leg and bled to death, leading the attack. General Beauregard decided not to continue attacking that day. That night the men rested on both sides. General Buell ordered reinforcements for Grant's army. 5,000 men arrived overnight in hope to win the battle the next …show more content…

the confederate armies strength was 44,699, while the unions was 66,812. The confederate army involved the army of mississippi for it units involved. for the union there units involved were the army of tennessee and the army of ohio. In the days after shiloh, the north and south were shocked to learn the numbers of the dead,wounded, and captured. The stories of the hard hand to hand combat at “hornets nest” where the bodies were stacked up and the courage they fought with was unbelievable. At the time nothing like it, had happened before in the western hemisphere. More men Fell at Shiloh than the entire number of wounded during the revolutionary war, the war of 1812, and the mexican war together. Grant decided after seeing the south fight, the south would have to be totally destroyed to save the

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