War Essays

  • The Vietnam War: The Rules Of War

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    War is a very complicated issue, but it has always been part of human nature. Human beings have always turned to violence to get what they want. From the story of Kane and Able, The Revolutionary War, World War Two, and the modern day conflicts in the Middle East and the around of the world, people continue to use war to get what they want. War is complicated for multiple reasons, but one key problem is the rules of war. Civilian’s prosperity has been at the forefront of modern wars, but it hasn’t

  • War Is Futile Quotes

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    War Is Futile War is blood, gore, killing, and sadness. During the book, My Brother Sam Is Dead the authors Collier and Collier hint that war is horrendous. For example Colonel Read said,”War isn't fair”(Collier and Collier 200). This quote shows that you don’t get to choose who dies and who doesn’t. Also, war makes it harder on everyone involved. For example colonel Read said,” Be brave and help your mother bear up she needs somebody now” (Collier and Collier 200). This shows that you get torn

  • Iran War And Iraq War

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    Iran and Iraq war The Iran and Iraq war was in September 22,1980 and ended in August 20,1980. The Iran and Iraq started by the Iraqi forces going into Iran borders and taking over Iran. Iraq had many support unites their was seven the names are Soviet Union ,France ,Qatar ,United States, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Jordan and The MEK. Iran had the KDP and PUK as allied. The support was Syria and North Korea. Iraq used extensive chemical weapons and so did Iran The United states provided

  • The Vietnam War: The War In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War The war in Vietnam was the United States ' longest war and certainly one of the most contentious. The fighting between the United States and the government of South Vietnam on one side and North Vietnam and the Viet Cong (VC) on the other lasted from the mid-1950s until the mid-1970s and spread into Laos and Cambodia, the two other countries of Southeast Asia. The United States first became significantly involved in Vietnam in 1950, when it began supporting France monetarily in the

  • War In Ehrenreich's The Ecstasy Of War

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    War is defined as “[a] state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict” (“War”). War existed throughout the history of mankind, and left its footprints deep within our society. Even though, we do not know what war truly is. We may assume that war is a complex matter that derives us to think and analyze its true meanings and values. It raises the question of ‘What causes war?’ In Ehrenreich’s writing “The Ecstasy of War” she answers that war is too complex to say it is based on a single

  • Just War Analysis

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    these weapons. As man has moved from the rock, to the sword, to the bow and arrow, and later into weapons of mass destruction the threat to non-combatant populations has exponentially. Thus, it seems only prudent that the understanding of a just war doctrine and a treatise on how to use these weapons honorably

  • Psychological Effects Of War In The Wars By Timothy Findley

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    not look at: “Psychological effect of the war” War is something that has much more than physical effects. It is a burden on those involved on and off the battlefield. Being part of a war can affect you emotionally, mentally and physically. Even though soldiers are fighting for “just causes” was is an all-around negative event. In Timothy Findley’s novel, The Wars, the character of Robert Ross undergoes a psychological downfall through the trauma of the war. Through the lives of the novels characters

  • The Korean War: The Forgotten War

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    of the most brutal battles of the Korean War a slogan was created that said, “Once Upon a Time Hell Froze Over. We Were There”. Despite the Korean War being the “The Forgotten War” or the “ Unknown War” because of the low publicity, it was still a war against communism that the U.S participated in. Throughout the 19th century, the Korean had been ruled by both China and Japan and when Korea had finally been liberated of outside rule, the second world war split the peninsula into two. The peninsula

  • The Vietnam War: The Forgotten War

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    was a state of political and military tension after World War ll that caused a global conflict. It was known as the Cold War, fought between powers in the United States and their allies and powers in the Soviet Union; also known as Russia, and its allies. Along with this major history changing event, were many other events such as the Space Race, the Vietnam war, and the Korean War. The Korean War had become known as the “The Forgotten War” due to it being overshadowed by the more immediate memories

  • Informative Essay: War Is A War Of Police

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    When I ask you to imagine war, what do you see? Do you see the bloodshed, the reports on the news, the military, or do you see a far off place? To many war is relevant, but at the same time, it is also something that resides far from people’s minds. It is in a far-off land and so for many, it can be hard to imagine the truth. That is to say, war is very close to your front door. It is not traditional by means of weapons, but the harm is very real. This is a war of police, and it is not on crime

  • The Vietnam War: The Indochina War

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    The Indochina War was a war between France and its allies on Vietnam. France had occupied Vietnam and surrounding areas for years and the communist Vietnamese in the north wanted out. A war began as France tried to stay there and the US supported their plight. America was afraid of communism and was willing to take many measures to stop it. They feared if Vietnam fell to communists then the rest of Asia would fall as well, including Australia. The US was also having a cold war with the Soviet Union

  • The Korean War: The Cold War

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    Cold War? Why was it called the Cold War? Why is the Korean War called “ the forgotten war”,or “a police action”? The Cold War started in 1947. It was called the Cold War because there was no fighting, just threats. The Korean War was never considered a War. “...it was one of the most bitterly fought conflicts in American Military History” says Don Lawson, Author of The United States in the Korean War. What the Korean War was was a fight between Communism and Democracy. In many ways this war was the

  • The Vietnam War: The Korean War

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    Korean War was fought between North Korea and South Korea after multiple battles on the border and an invasion of South Korea by the North on June 25, 1950. Furthermore, North Korea was supported by China dn the Soviet Union while the South was primarily supported by the United States. Before the final days of World War II, Korea was controlled by Imperial Japan since 1910. Moreover, almost immediately after the dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, the Soviet Union officially declared war on Imperial

  • Vietnam War: The Korean War

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    Korean War During the final stages of the Second World War, Russia and the US became allies through a US-Soviet Alliance of 1941-1945 which allowed both powers to cooperate for the defeat of Nazi Germany. After the defeat of Nazi Germany by both powers, US and USSR agreed to defeat Japan in the Pacific. Russia then declared war on Japan after the US-Russia alliance was signed and Russian Forces advanced rapidly on Korea to rid the Japanese. In fear of a complete Russian occupation of Korea the United

  • Korean War: A Forgotten War

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    French English III 20 October 2015 A Forgotten War The Korean War is widely known by name, but the actual details remain in obscurity, resulting in the sobriquet, “The Forgotten War”; however the results of the war that takes place between these two small countries lead to important roles, only to be understood by learning the events leading up to the conflict, the war itself, and the aftereffects. But before getting into the details of the war, a short lesson on how these two nations once were

  • The Cold War: The Vietnam War

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    The Cold War The relationship that developed between the USA and the USSR after Second World War is called the cold war (Saull, 2001).it was a time of the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. A Cold War leftovers in opposition to a hot war which is made up of fights, similar to the World Wars (Saull, 2001, p. 32). The potential for struggle was more important in the cold War. While the United States and the Soviet Union did not fight each other physically, they did as such through

  • The Vietnam War: The Cold War

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    The Cold War was a form of political tension after World War II that occurred between powers in the Soviet Union and the powers of the United States. Most people do not know the exact dates this occurred, but a communal timeframe is between 1947, the year a US foreign policy was started pledging to help nations threatened by Soviet domination was proclaimed, and either 1989, when communism fell, or 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. The term “cold” is used because there was no huge scale fighting

  • Achilles War

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    fact that war is so destructive. Especially when one part of the poem talks about them bearing the belief of another. Which shows that war forces people to change for the worst of them or not for the better. That people are weeping for another one lost or another one problem. That war can united people together under one government and people with the same problem can be relatable to each other in certain crisis because they had gone through it themself. Also speaks of the tyranny of war would not

  • The Vietnam War And Anti-War Protests

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    One war lost. Hundreds of protest. More than thousand suffered. A million people died. People were in fear of being killed and were afraid that the Vietnam War will never be ended. Vietnam War encouraged young people to develop anti-war protests. While there were both protesters and war supporters, the effects on young people who protested against the war, resulted in mass culture movements such as the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Vietnam War began when the French controlled most

  • The Vietnam War: The Anti-War Movement

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    The Vietnam War, which lasted from 1954–1975, is one of the most intriguing examples of foreign policy in American history and is notable for being one of the few wars where the U.S. was not the victor, as well having one of the strongest Anti-War movements the nation has seen (). After 1954, Vietnam, which had previously been a French Colony, was split apart during the negotiation for the Indochina Wars, with the northern Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by the Vietnam Communist Party, and the