Battle Of Shiloh Essay

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The battle of Shiloh took place between April 6, and April 7, of 1862 in Tennessee near the Mississippi River. It 's was considered the largest and bloodiest battle to that point in time. There were over 23,000 casualties during the battle. This essay will be evaluating the history accuracy of The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh, to Drumbeats and Bullets based on where it happened, what happened, and other details that help tie the fictional story to history. Where it happened. Drumbeats and Bullets tells us that the story takes place in Tennessee near the Mississippi River on a peach orchard. The reason the battle is called the battle of Shiloh is because Shiloh was a nearby church. In the fictional story, The Battle of Shiloh, it talks about how a peach had fallen on the boys drum, which would verify that …show more content…

In the fictional story, the man who is talking to the young drummer boy says that this battle will take many lives, and be a big battle, in real life, the battle of Shiloh was the biggest battle that they had ever fought up to that point. The man also says that maybe they will name the battle the battle of Shiloh because of how close it was to the church of Shiloh, which they also did end up naming it the battle of Shiloh because of that very reason. Some other small details that make this story historically accurate are how young the boys are, they are both in their early teens and how scared they both are to fight. Ther talk about how everyone else has guns and shields and all they have are drums that call attention towards them and they also talk about how they become targets because they are like the leaders that tell the rest of the men where to go. All of these reasons and details in the fictional story, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” add up to a very historically accurate story in my opinion. Hope you give me a good grade on this essay Mr. Mancini, thanks for

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