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The battle of Brice’s Crossroads also known as the Battle of Tishomingo Creek and the Battle of Gun town, it took place near Baldwyn in Mississippi on 10 July 1864 during the American civil war between the Confederates led by General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Federals led by General Samuel Davis Sturgis’s. General Forrest was known as self-educated and brutal leader, he was a cavalry commander, and he did not have a great level of education compared to his colleagues. He commanded Federals Army in numerous battles against the Confederates in southern region; however the battle of Crossroads was the greatest victory where he used super tactics to defeat the enemy General William Tecumseh Sherman (Federals) was fighting the Confederates in …show more content…

As soon as the fight opens they will send back to have the infantry hurried up? It is going to be hot as hell, and coming on run for five or six miles, their infantry will be so tired out we will ride right over them.” (p287). He arrived first at 10 A.M to Lee County and staged with his forces waiting for General Sturgis’s forces to show up and attack them. They were few men compare to the enemy however General Forrest’s philosophy was to make sure his forces will be exposed and totally visible to the enemy and ready to attack at any moment, which giving the enemy an overstate impression of Forrest’s forces strength, for that purpose General Forrest chose that area in order for him to deceive the …show more content…

The federals led by General Forrest achieved remarkable progress after three hours of fight by pushing back the Confederates cavalry at the crossroads and killed a large number

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