Civil War Turning Point Essay

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The Civil War was a very influential turning point in the history of the United States. The war not only strengthened the connection of the states, specifically between states in the north and south, but it also resulted in the end of the old way of life in the south, known as the old south. The way of life style in the Old South was loved by many, Rhett from Gone With the Wind being one of them. Rhett and his future wife, but current friend Scarlett were fleeing Atlanta after an attack from the north when Rhett told Scarlett that she was witnessing the end of the Old South. Rhett is truly speaking the truth in this scene. The war was not even over and he already saw the end coming, the north 's increasing strength, industrialization, and the …show more content…

While the north was becoming increasingly industrial, with factories and mills popping up all over, the southern states stayed with family farming, and plantations. With the conquest of the north came their ideologies, including factories. Rhett once again realized this when he told Scarlett about the decline of the Old South. Abolishing slavery was not Abraham Lincoln 's main goal of the Civil War, but in a way he did on the down low. The north being against slavery and the south supporting it was the main cause for the division which caused the war. Slavery was a major part in the Old South, and the loss of the war for the south would result in the loss of the most distinctive factor of the Old South. Many of the farms and plantations either had, or even relied on slaves, and once again Rhett saw this coming and advised Scarlett to get every last glimpse of the Old South. Rhett was very observant when it came to the events of the war, and he wanted to warn the others of the eventual down fall of the Old South. He did just that on the way to Tara, and what he said is very true. Rhett like many other southerners feared the fall of the Old South and he was doing his part in society to try to keep it alive and make it known to others that it was

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