Second Battle Of Manassas Essay

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The Second Battle of Manassas
Have you ever heard of the battle of Manassas? Or the battle of Bull Run? Well, if you have heard of them then you might have also heard of the 2nd battle of Manassas. Or, as some people call it, the 2nd Bull Run. The Union called it Bull Run because the closest lake/land stream was called Bull Run. The Confederates called it Manassas because it was the town the battle was fought in.
The Second Bull Run
In Second Bull Run the battle was between the Union and the Confederates. The Union General was John Pope. The Confederate General was Robert E. Lee. Lee had 9,500 soldiers. Meanwhile, Pope had 16,000 soldiers. Although, Pope out-numbered Lee, the Confederate army was a lot stronger. The Confederates were stronger because he made good plans and knew what to do. Although, John Pope had more soldiers, he didn’t know what to do with his enormous army.
He had an advantage and didn’t know how to use it. “Pope intended to inspire his troops with a formula for victory. Success and glory are in the advance, disaster and shame lurk in the rear, he exhorted his men” …show more content…

Lee, John Pope, Franz Sigel, Nathaniel Banks, George McClellan and many more. Robert E. Lee was the Confederate General. He was very powerful. John Pope was the Union General. Pope was good with his words. Whenever he gave a speech to his soldiers, he motivated them. Franz Sigel was a Union Major General. Franz was also a German Military Officer. Nathaniel Banks was also a Union General. Banks rhetorical skills were well-known by the Democratic Party. And last but not least, George McClellan. McClellan was a Major General for the Union. Later on, he served as the Governor for New Jersey. Another very important person in the 2nd battle of Manassas was James Longstreet! Longstreet was a Confederate General. Lee and Longstreet were very good acquaintances. Lee’s nickname for Longstreet was "Old War Horse”

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