Why Did The North Win The Civil War Essay

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One of the primary reasons why the North gained victory during the Civil War was mainly due to the presence of many industries as well as factories. These industries provided not only funds but also the weapons which include guns. However, unlike the Northern states, the Confederates lacked industries for they primarily dealt with cotton growing, as a result, during the war they lacked advanced ammunition supplies. According to statistics, the Northern states enjoyed approximately 81% of America’s industrial capacity as well as 80% of the capital and bank. Presence of both capital and bank aided in providing the required finances for funding the war; hence, the Northern states were sufficiently well-off to engage in the war and also maintain its troops, war weapons, and food. …show more content…

The railroads made it possible to transport its troops and other important supplies towards the North. The Union’s Naval Warfare was also revolutionized with the introduction of the metal warships such as the Monitor and Merrimack. Furthermore, the presence of telegraph lines throughout the North kept the generals, as well as the soldiers, informed of the front line conditions while they remained at a far distance. Another important technological discovery in the Northern States was the tin can which allowed the Northern soldiers to preserve large varies of foods for long. The last reason why the Northern States gained victory was due to the presence of a somewhat central government which was more organized which allowed to the government to implement the draft. The draft required individuals to participate in the failure to which they would have to pay the government about 300 dollars to have someone else fight in their

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