Why Did The North Win The Civil War Essay

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Reason 1: He was highly undersupplied and nearly won against the odds

During the Civil War, the Union had a huge advantage in terms of supplies. They captured New Orleans, which was the main port in all of the South. It allowed trade to occur in the South. With the capture of New Orleans, the South couldn’t trade. As a consequence of that, the South couldn’t get any supplies. The Union men were, for the most part, well fed and clothed. However, many Southern men did not even have uniforms. Despite this, Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia looked unbeatable. They were winning major battles and were nearly the victors of the war. In fact, according to the (National Park Service), for every 3,200 firearms the North produced, the South only produced 100. The North also produced 17 times more cotton than the South, 30 times more leather goods, and more essentials to the war. All and all, the South was seriously out supplied by their counterparts, and still nearly pulled off the upset. This is the first reason why Robert E. Lee is the greatest general of the Civil War.

Reason 2: The Confederates had much less men than the Union and Lee nearly still won

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Lee was the greatest general of the Civil War was his early success. According to (ThoughtCo), Lee took victories in both Bull Runs, the Battle of Chancellorsville, and the Battle of Fredericksburg to name a few of his major wins. Lee won all of the important battles in the early stages of the war, and led his Confederates to many triumphant wins. Lee outwitted many of the Union generals, and his quick thinking baffled the military genius of the North. Lee often won battles using hills as obstacles for the North, trenches in the later stages of the war, and sometimes just a straight rush at the opposition. Overall, Lee won the key early battles, and that’s the fourth reason why he was the best general of the

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