Battle Of Chancellorsville Essay

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Battle of Chancellorsville

During the U.S Civil War there were many unexpected victories. This was the case in the intense and dramatic battle between the Union and the Confederates, in the Battle of Chancellorsville. With only 60,000 soldiers, the Confederates still managed to defeat an army almost twice their size. The battle took place in northern Virginia from April 30, to May 6, 1863, named after a settlement on the battlefield. Confederate forces were led by General Robert E. Lee, and Union forces were led by General Joseph Hooker. Lee defeated the much larger Union army and many historians consider Chancellorsville to be Lee’s greatest victory. Lee had faced an army almost double his size, and still came out on top, however this wouldn’t …show more content…

Resources and geography played a substantial role in the battle plans and victory of the Confederates, as well as helped secure a major victory in the U.S. Civil War. During the time of the battle, the Confederates were outnumbered with resources in comparison to the Union. The Union had about 97,382 soldiers, and the Confederates had about 57,352 soldiers. The South was lacking basics like proper food, clothing, shoes, and were weak after the strong winter. They didn’t have sufficient resources due to their inadequacy of wealth. While Lee’s Army was weak and struggling with motivation, Hooker made an energetic transformation and polished the Northern army into tip-top condition, with more strength than ever before. A major advantage the Union had was the amount of ammunition they possessed. The Confederates had 220 …show more content…

In the battle of Chancellorsville Robert E. Lee used geography and resources to create a more efficient battle plan to defeat Hooker and the Union. Although the Confederates had half the men the Union did, they still managed to overpower them by taking advantage of their surroundings and making the right decisions. After the research completed, there are still questions that come out of this paper unanswered. One of the questions that springs to mind is, what are some other attributes that are kept in mind when generals are making battle plans? An overall and more broad question is, what plays a greater role in creating battle plans, geography or resources? Why? All in all, battles are very interesting and have a lot of thinking, time and effort put into each and every one. Each battle is unique, just like the Battle of

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